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The School Enterprise Challenge Awards Programme is Open!

In 2016, 49,491 young people and 3,384 teachers and staff directly benefitted from participating, gaining key employability and life skills. Indirectly, we reached a staggering 616,932 beneficiaries!

In 2017, we’ve made some very exciting changes to reach even more people worldwide. Indeed, we are now a multi-level Awards Programme with two entry points available: Bronze and Silver (Gold coming in 2018)! This new format will help us guide schools with all kinds of experience in entrepreneurship education to develop, build and diversify their school business.

 This year, not only will we be giving away over US$50,000 worth of prizes to the top achievers, but we’ll also reward all schools which meet our minimum pass criteria with a Bronze or Silver Level Award! We’re very happy to announce that REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN. It’s very easy to register – all schools have to do is head to our website and fill in the simple registration form.

It’s completely FREE to take part and, once registered, schools will receive a wealth of educational resources which will guide them through the challenge: all the way from coming up with a business idea, to writing a business plan and setting up their very own school business! As well as being a fantastic learning experience, school businesses generated an average net profit of US$278 in just 3 months of operation!
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