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Aviva Investors join forces with Uxbridge College artists

Aviva Investors joins forces with Uxbridge College artists Aviva Investors have joined forces with Uxbridge College to select a set of student artworks to appear on the walls of their £30m Belmont office building development in Uxbridge. 

Aviva, the company behind the development near Uxbridge station, sponsored the competition and helped select an overall winner and five runners up from the entries by the first year students. The panel of judges also included representatives from Uxbridge Gazette, Hillingdon Council and Uxbridge College. 

The winning image, a collaborative work by graphics students, will be hung in the Belmont foyer, and the runners up pieces around the building. The competition was based on the theme of ‘London living’, set by Aviva, and inspired work in a range of media including costume, design, drawing, painting, print and 3D. The students are all on the UAL Level 3 Diploma in Art & Design (Fashion/Graphics), which is equivalent to A levels and can provide a route to art college without students having to complete the one-year foundation degree first. 

Julian Cobourne, Senior Asset Manager at Aviva Investors and one of the judges, said: “The quality of the artwork was outstanding, and the huge effort put into the pieces was evident. The installations will look superb in Belmont, Aviva Investors’ newly redeveloped office building in Uxbridge town centre.” 

Julian was joined on the judging panel by Fran Beasley, Chief Executive of Hillingdon Council, Alex Ballinger, Uxbridge Gazette reporter, Tina Herculis for Aviva, and Uxbridge College Art & Design lecturers Victoria Cohen and Clara Clark. 

Fran Beasley said: "We are lucky to have such a fantastic college on our doorstep and the students certainly didn't disappoint us with their interpretations of 'London Living'. I think it is a tremendous idea to showcase local artwork in this fabulous new development and the students who participated should all feel very proud of their work." 

Victoria Cohen, Art & Design Lecturer at Uxbridge College said: “I’m extremely proud that the students have created such brilliant, diverse pieces and have really understood the ‘London Living’ theme. It has been a great opportunity for them to work with a live brief, where they had to combine their own creativity with an understanding of what the client wanted, and come up with a high quality image or 3D piece to deadline.” 

The winning piece was a collaborative image by the graphics group and the runners up were by Mary Fagbolagun, 16, Hazel Woodstock, 19, Czarek Sobol, 17, Mark Moktan Tamang, 24 and Reesha Bhatoy, 16. The students all received cash prizes from Aviva Investors. 

See the winning images along with photos from the judging at: Group photo caption: Judges left to right: Julian Cobourne, Aviva; Fran Beasley, Hillingdon Council; Alex Ballinger, Uxbridge Gazette; Victoria Cohen, Uxbridge College; Tina Herculis for Aviva; Clara Clark, Uxbridge College.
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